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Suspect Accused of Driving Though Obama Roadblock to Appear in Covington Court

When President Barack Obama visited Cincinnati last week, Air Force One landed at CVG Airport and nearby a roadblock was set up that Kerry T. Prater of West Liberty allegedly drove through before being knocked off the road by an Erlanger police officer who discovered three weapons and 500 rounds of ammunition:


The complaint, written by Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms Agent Ronald Young, says Prater has a lengthy criminal history and had been previously declared mentally ill.

Prater's listed attorney, Kerry Neff of Covington, did not immediately return a call seeking comment Wednesday afternoon.

Prater is scheduled to make an initial appearance in federal court in Covington on Friday.

Prater's alleged threats have a bipartisan nature to them as he was also accused of once threatening President Bush. Read the full story: Associated Press/Brett Barrouquere
PHOTO: President Barack Obama in Cincinnati/RCN File

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