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Art Off Pike Event Sunday

From the Art Off Pike committee:


Once a year, something magical happens on 7th Street between Madison and Washington streets. The place comes alive with festive activity, music and community as over 60 artists display their work, cultural institutions provide interactive experiences for children and food trucks sell their treats. In our city's urban core, the beat of creativity is heard today, brought to you by a handful of passionate volunteers and generous sponsors that believe in the power of community and Art. 

Covington's 8th annual Art Off Pike urban art show commences at 11:00 am and runs until 5pm today, and we want you to join us. Bring your friends. Take your family.

We would also like to recognize our Sponsors and Volunteers, who all make Art Off Pike a wonderful community event. We would like to especially thank The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr. / U. S. Bank Foundation, whose sponsorship for the second year and whose interest in our event has provided so much encouragement. Also, the City of Covington continues to be a place that supports the Arts and for that we are grateful.

Thanks to you all for another successful and creatively inspired event. Let's enjoy today together.

Warm Regards,

The Art Off Pike Committee

Art Off Pike is an free annual outdoor Arts Festival that aims to celebreate regional artists and bring their work to a local audience.

Date of the Event: Sunday, September 30, 11-5pm

Location: 7th Street between Madison and Washington Streets, Covington

Event Sponsors: The Carol Ann and Ralph V. Haile Jr. / U. S. Bank Foundation, Place Matters, Center for Great Neighborhoods, Covington Neighborhood Collaborative, City of Covington, Hub + Weber Architects, PLC, Sherry and Bob Carran, Tischbein Design, Chris Henry and Ken Smith, Sara Sidebottom, Haney, Oakley Farris, David Herriman, Chuck Scheper, City Studios Architecture, Larry Klein, Salyers Group, Adams, Stepner, Woltermann & Dusing, PLLC

Contact Information: [email protected]

General Schedule of events:  all day festival, all booths and vendors will be set up the entire time.

Admission Costs: All events free to the public

Event Website:

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