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Road Kill Discovery Shuts Down Kentucky Restaurant

A Chinese restaurant in Williamsburg, Kentucky (Whitley County) was shut down after workers were spotted wheeling in a dead deer in a garbage can, which is never a good idea to attempt when employees from the local health department are eating inside:


"I have been here 20 years and this is a first for me," he added.

Co-workers Katie Hopkins, Tonya Thacker and Jennifer Young were sitting inside the restaurant during lunchtime when they observed somebody wheeling in a garbage can with a hoof and tail sticking out with a box on top of it.

Hopkins said that she is picky about her food and wasn't eating but just sitting there with her friends when the deer was pushed by.

"Two of them had a round garbage can on wheels and they had a box sitting on top of the garbage can. I saw like a tail sticking out of the garbage can and then like a hoofed leg sticking out of the garbage can. I was like, 'Oh my gosh!'" Hopkins said.

Hopkins said there was a blood trail behind the garbage can that the staff was mopping up behind them.

Read more: The News Journal (including a photo of the garbage can with something wrapped in a bag inside)

 Video report: WYMT

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