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What's Killing the Fish in a South Covington Pond?

Something is rotten in the land of South Covington, and the stench is coming from a pond at the end of Crystal Lake Drive where the fish are rising to the surface, floating dead around a mossy green sheet of something. Residents are increasingly concerned about the smell and the condition of the pond, but no one seems to know the answer as to what is causing the fish to die. The City of Covington is not responsible for the pond as it is privately-owned, and Sanitation District 1 paid a visit and determined that it was not one of their retaining ponds. A representative from the Kenton County Extension office also paid a visit, but now residents near this South Covington street are waiting for answers from the Kentucky Department of Fish & Wildlife which is expected to send someone for a visit in the coming days.

PHOTO: Dead fish float in the pond scum in South Covington