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Updates: Naked Woman Found Dead in Yard; Gunman from Separate Case Turns Self In

Late Monday night a lot of police activity began to buzz around the corner of 21st & Russell Streets in Covington's Peaselburg neighborhood. Initial reports indicated that a gunman had entered a nearby residence and also that a woman was found dead in a nearby yeard. The cases, while occurring at the same time, were not related. The woman, in her early fifties or late forties, was found dead and naked in her yard and apparently died from natural causes possibly related to a seizure and/or diabetic trauma according to Covington Police Chief Spike Jones. As for the nudity, "We don't know how she got that way," Jones said. "She went into some form of a seizure and kind of came off the porch, but the medical examiner is convinced it was a natural causes death."

Meanwhile, the man who police believe entered a residence and revealed a weapon before fleeing the scene turned himself in in Newport around 11:30 Tuesday morning. Covington Police detectives went to meet up with him and he will likely be arrested. The man, whose name has not yet been released, was wearing an ankle bracelet and is believed to have escaped house arrest. 

The River City News will update this story if and when more details are attained.