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Dayton, KY Takes Action Against Heroin

Like Covington, another NKY River City is dealing with an increase in heroin overdoses and the related crimes that come with frequent use of the drug. Dayton is now taking action, as WKRC reports:

Local 12 Nws Reporter Deborah Dixon says from June through August, there were 20 runs for heroin overdoses in Dayton. It got so bad that the city bought its first drug dog. Rowky started work Sunday.  Rocky is trained to detect everything from marijuana and ecstasy to cocaine and heroin. "If there are illegal drugs he'll find them." Maybe Dayton is not the place to shoot up anymore. "Absolutely not." 

"We're trying to take a citizen academy and a block watch and put it together." The academy will include classes on what citizens might see or hear that can help police. 

Full story with a video report: WKRC


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