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Oakley & Eva Farris Profiled in NKU Magazine

Covington residents and extraordinary philanthropists Oakley and Eva Farris are profiled in the latest edition of Northern Magazine, the campus-based glossy periodical at Northern Kentucky University. The Farrises have donated $3 million in support of Griffin Hall which houses NKU's new and much ballyhooed College of Informatics, but the article also notes their relentless generosity in Covington as well, where their funds have gone towards the rebuilding of the Carnegie Visual & Performing Arts Center, Covington Latin School, statues, murals, and more. Most interesting in the Northern piece is a glimpse into Oakley & Eva's loving marriage:

The pair met by chance during a Florida hurricane. Oakley traveled the nation by bus selling thread, pins, and needles for the Harry A. Segal Company. Eva was returning to her Havana, Cuba home after a year of studying business at Columbia University in New York City. Her father and brother-in-law had just died and her sister was escorting her home. Oakley invited the ladies for a drink in the hotel bar. He gallantly ordered them each a Coke - a gesture he says was more "cost effective" than ordering an expensive alcoholic beverage. Soon, Eva and Oakley began dating long distance. They wrote and spoke on the phone and, after two years, married. Eva soon moved into the two-family house in Covington that Oakley had bought for his parents. "He said the only reason I am wasting my time with you is because you can't understand a word I say," Eva jokes.

You can read the full article and the entire Northern Magazine at the link. You can find the Farris story on pages 34 and 35. It's worth it. Click Here.

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