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Superintendent Explains Kentucky's New Tests as Results Loom

From Covington Independent Public Schools Superintendent Lynda Jackson on Kentucky's new standardized tests and the results that will be released soon:

Results of Kentucky's new testing program will be released in late October or early November, and the state Commissioner of Education has been telling schools not to be alarmed when they see a decrease in the number of students scoring proficient in reading and math.

Commissioner Terry Holliday said that the new tests are more challenging and are directly tied to college and career readiness. The new accountability system is called the Unbridled Learning System. The new tests that students take under this system are called Kentucky Performance for Rating Educational Progress (K-PREP). K-PREP replaces Kentucky Core Content Tests, which were given under the old CATS system. The tests are connected to new, tougher standards. 


Students across the state took the new tests in the spring. Because of the tougher standards, some students who were previously distinguished in math or reading, now may be classified as proficient and proficient students now may go down to apprentice. "Our intent in raising the standard is to help more students prepare for a competitive employment atmosphere,'' Holliday said. "Currently, we project that over 60 percent of jobs in the future will require some training beyond high school. This means that students must be better prepared for college-level work and career-entry requirements.''
Holliday said it is important to remind teachers, parents, students and community members that the results of these tests cannot be compared to previous results, since we are assessing students on a different standard. The previous standard was basic proficiency on math and reading. The new standard is college and career readiness. 

For more information on the new testing program, please see go to our website, and under the Parent and Student tabs, click Kentucky's New Testing Program.

If you should have any questions, please contact your child's principal. 


Lynda Jackson
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