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Shirt Celebrates UK... Blue Devils?

Mistakes happen. Whoever printed some UK sweatshirts with the wrong mascot name on it, made a mistake. But the incorrect mascot used was such an egregious error, that whoever made the mistake could end up in prison in Kentucky. Well, not really prison, but that idea would have its supporters. Look at what was found inside a Lexington Sam's Club this week as reported by WKYT:

UK students weren't happy to see the Duke moniker, "Blue Devils" plastered across the front of a Kentucky sweatshirt.


"Burn them all. Every last one of them," said a Wildcat fan.

Yes, the hatred still burns in Lexington toward Duke University's Blue Devils who in 1992, in heartbreaking fashion, eliminated the Wildcats from NCAA basketball tournament on a last second shot. Some wounds never heal. UK is now the defending national champions, winning the title over Kansas last season but in another shirt mishap, a UK fan reports to WKYT:

A viewer sent WKYT pictures of a t-shirt he said he bought yesterday at Target with "Jayhawks" instead of "Wildcats" on the sleeve.

Has there ever been a better argument to just buy local? Go Cats!

Full story with video: WKYT

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