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Wee Folk Fairy Fest in Mainstrasse Village Saturday

The free annual event that transforms Mainstrasse's Sixth Street Promenade into a kid-centric world for all to enjoy expects hundreds of visitors, mostly children clad in their favorite magical costumes. The lineup of activities and performances appeals to little boys and girls as well as their parents and other family members. A new addition to the amenities of the event is a Nursing Garden, for all breastfeeding mothers or mothers that wish to feed their children in a peaceful and private setting, located in the garden of Stoney's Gift Shop, 323 west Sixth Street.

Stoney Stonebraker, founder of the event and owner of Stoney's Gifts, All Things Princess and Fairy, says that the purpose of the event is to offer a magical, family-oriented and creative day that lets the adult's inner-child come out to play alongside their children, without the financial pressure of having to spend money on the experience.

Brooke Gill, Director of Volunteers at Children Inc. - the primary sponsor of the event - is excited to encourage the creative and magical side of children. She says that the festival "Provides an opportunity for parents to spend time with their kids, in an environment where the magical and creative comes to life."

"At last year's festival, I overheard a little girl, who looked up at her mommy, say,"'Mommy, I want to stay here forever". We provide an environment that allows the kids to have fun and think outside their normal life, in a completely creative environment with their family." Says Stonebraker.

A parade led by a horse drawn carriage that all children can participate in will begin to move around the promenade at 3pm, led by the festival's Fairy Princess, Traci Hall. Ms. Hall will pass out magic wands to all the boys and girls.

Throughout the day, there are Special Performances by: Growing Sound, Children Inc's in-house Music department that focuses on positive lyrics and music for children; Children's Theatre;  UC Conservatory of Music students performing excerpts from Beauty and the Beast and other musicals; April 8, a fairytale storyteller; Tallulah's Dance Troupe,  interactive dancing for children and Pharoah's Drummers offers an  interactive drum circle, both long-time participants in the Wee Folk Fest; Wulf's Medieval Bagpipes, internationally known authentic Bagpiper; and Captain Jack Sparrow.

Family fun activities are provided by: Honey Hill Petting Zoo; Brian Gill's Cool Critters; Origami Lessons by Emilie Pradera; Cindy's parties; Princess Rules Academy and others.

Groove Coffee, Europa Café, John R. Green and other Mainstrasse businesses will be open and offer great food, drink and shopping. 


Date of the Event: Saturday, October 6, noon to 4pm

Location: the Promenade in Mainstrasse, Sixth Street

Event Sponsors: Children Inc., City of Covington, Antonelli College, Center for Great Neighborhoods, Groove Coffee House

Contact Information: Sandy Stonebraker, [email protected], 859 655 9571

General Schedule of events:  all day festival, all booths and vendors will be set up the entire time.

Admission Costs: All events free to the public

Event Website:

SOURCE: press release

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