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HIV Awareness Picnic at Goebel Park Sunday

Here is how the event is described by organizers:

"On the heels of AIDS 2012; a gathering to Come OUT & Stand Up!To MOVE Our CommUNITY FORWARD! Our Next President Must Continue to Lead the World on HIV/AIDS! This will be a wonderful OPPORTUNITY for a Post 1st Debate Discussion...

To paraphrase Phill Wilson's AIDS 2012 address: You see, I am a 3-fer. I am White, I am Gay, I am HIV+ clinically diagnosed with AIDS plus -according to AARP I could check off the senior box 7 years ago as well... But I know this; I know that we will not stop AIDS in this country 

unless ALL of those voices are included. ALL of what I am and am not must be a part of the conversation...

The Committee that is planning and organizing the CommUNITY P.R.I.D.E. HIV/AIDS Awareness Picnic & Rally on Sunday are just a group of us Living With and Affected by the Epidemic. We had high hopes of being able to connect and collaborate with other Non-Profits and Social Services that address and serve the issues and needs of our predominately Low-Income Population. Not all of us have been lucky enough to live "MAGIC-ally". Due to personal stumbling blocks in each of our lives, we've not been able to make those connections and at Sunday's meeting we decided we'd just proceed as planned and use our own funds to make the purchases we need to. We'd like to ask that if your bar, business, restaurant would care to make a contribution to the Rally to please give us a buzzz! Michael Connett @ 859-261-HIVe1 (4481) or Pam Mullins @ 859-750-2098 . Thank you!

Communities Living with and Affected by HIV MUST COME OUT. WE All must come out. Living Openly & PROUDLY with HIV, not only confronts HIV STIGMA, but it also helps build DEMAND for Essential Services. Openly HIV positive people SERVE as living, compelling reminders of the importance of knowing one's HIV status and that also communicates that it is possible to live a full healthy LIFE with HIV and THAT IS IMPORTANT!"
The event is scheduled from 12:00PM - 6:00PM
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