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Mayoral Candidates to Debate in Covington Monday Night

Covington Mayoral candidates and current City Commissioners Sherry Carran and Steve Casper will face off against each other in a debate Monday at the Ninth Street Baptist Church on the Eastside. The forum is free and open to the public. Doors open at 5:30PM so that the public can meet and mingle with the candidates. The forum, moderated by The River City News's Michael Monks and the Covington Business Council's Pat Frew, starts at 6:00PM. The format for the debate will include three phases, the first of which will involve four questions from each moderator in which the candidates will have ninety seconds to respond. The second phase allows the moderators to explore an issue more deeply, with four minutes for each moderator to engage each candidate directly in extended conversation. In the final phase of the event, there will be four questions posed to the candidates with each candidate having the opportunity to offer a rebuttal to the first candidate's answers.

The event is scheduled to last approximately seventy-five minutes and will be recorded for later broadcast on Insight Cable.