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Governor Proclaims October Cyber Security Awareness Month

Governor Steve Beshear has declared October as Cyber Security Awareness Month in Kentucky.  The proclamation encourages citizens to make sure they take necessary precautions while online and provides resources for them to obtain more information about cybercrimes.

“We all understand the power and usefulness of the Internet, but we must remain aware of the potential threats,” said Gov. Beshear. “From our standpoint, Kentucky must provide infrastructure security while maintaining access for our state agencies, local partners and citizens. We all have a responsibility in regard to cyber security. Helping people understand how they can protect themselves is an important message.”
Both private and public information infrastructures face constant threats of cyber attack, which could lead to financial and informational losses. Identity theft and fraud could negatively impact individual Internet users with long-term consequences.

The Commonwealth Office of Technology is part of the nationwide “Stop. Think. Connect.” campaign in which private companies, nonprofits and government groups try to help digital citizens stay safer and more secure online. Coalition partners include the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center, and the National Association of State Chief Information Officers.
“Maintaining system integrity is the number one challenge for organizations,” said Lori Flanery, secretary of the Kentucky Finance and Administration Cabinet and interim Chief Information Officer. “It is important to invest in security programs, training and awareness at all levels of an organization.” 

To bolster state government employees’ understanding of cybercrimes and preventions, the Commonwealth Office of Technology has scheduled several seminars and events throughout October. Experts in the field of IT Security will deliver presentations that bring awareness and current security information to staff in state government and other associated agencies and organizations.

SOURCE: press release

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