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Career Fair at Holmes High to Have Vehicle Theme


A dump truck, an ambulance, a Hummer, and a 1967 GTO drag race car will be among the vehicles parked at Holmes High School Wednesday as the school hosts its career fair with a new twist.

The career fair is from 8:30 a.m. to 11:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2012. Instead of simply going from booth to booth to talk to different industry representatives, students will visit vehicles that are manned with industry professionals and instructors reflecting different careers.  The vehicles also represent the eight Career Clusters offered at Holmes – transportation, construction and manufacturing, information technology, health science, business and marketing, education, creative and performing arts and public service. 

Students are enrolled in career clusters based on their interest and aptitude. The career clusters are designed to connect students to their interests and to make learning more meaningful.

For example, when students visit the Transportation Career Cluster they will see the GTO drag race car and will be able to talk to an auto tech instructor, a pilot, and a bus mechanic.

“It's a different approach to encourage students to think about how varied careers can be, even within a broad profession,’’ said Renee Murray, instructional coach at Holmes. “By using vehicles as a center, students can gain a different perspective of opportunities they may not have considered. Combining the vehicles with industry professionals and postsecondary instructors will give students a better idea of what the career really is.’’

The vehicles will be parked along Castle Drive and in the Holmes High School parking lot.

Examples of other career clusters, vehicles and industry representatives:
Construction and manufacturing  -  This career cluster will have a dump truck, a representative from the building industry and a welding instructor 
Health Sciences -  an  ambulance and EMT, a pharmacist, and an EMT instructor 
Information Technology -  news van , IT instructor, graphic artist,  and a computer programmer/information specialist
Public Service - a Hummer, a police HazMat team, Army reservists, and a criminal justice instructor 

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