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Five Meningitis Cases Hit Kentucky

13,000 patients have been exposed to fungal meningitis following injections from the New England Compounding Center, including five in Kentucky who were treated in other states:


"Kentucky had five patients that were infected because they were treated out of state in a state that had received these steroid injections. And that was Tennessee," Mayfield adds.

While the CDC doesn't believe any of those steroidal injections have been given in Kentucky, that's not stopping health officials from making sure in state patients are safe.

"The department for public health is working closely with Tennessee and other states, neighboring states to see if any of our patients have been affected," says Mayfield.

A Kentuckian is now one of the nine people that have died from this fungal meningitis outbreak. State health officials are not releasing who that person is.

Full story: AP via WKYT

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