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49 Properties in Covington Slated to be Razed

One of the many items approved by the Covington City Commission that faced a 50-item agenda Tuesday night was the demolition of forty-nine properties, pending approval from the state preservation office. Twenty-four of the blighted properties are owned by the city while twenty-five others are privately held. The move is part of the city's effort to clear troublesome and run-down buildings from neighborhoods so that the land can be put to better use. "It's time to stop putting band-aids on the problems," Mayor Chuck Scheper said. "I think it's an important step."

Commissioner Shawn Masters, while voting with the rest of the commission to approve the measure, said the issue gave him "heartburn". "Several of these properties are code enforcement properties," Masters said, "and now all of a sudden we have money to tear them down after annihilating the department." The demolitions were approved at the same meeting in which severance packages were also approved for at least four employees from the code enforcement department, including its director, as part of the top-to-bottom restructuring at City Hall. Many code enforcement functions will be performed by part-time employees and the Northern Kentucky Area Planning Commission. "We have done everything we can do legally (with the properties)," Masters said. "We haven't given (code enforcement) the tools to be successful."

"I certainly don't blame them for the problems of the past," the mayor said. Most of the city-owned properties set to be razed are on Pleasant Street in Covington's Eastside while the privately-owned buildings are all over town. 

Here is the full list of properties set to be town down pending state approval (with notes by the City of Covington):


  • 2207 Madison Ave: Foundation issues/mold issues
  • 1225 Clark: Foundation issues/bowing/mold issues
  • 1227 Banklick: Structural issues/mold issues/frame house
  • 1003 Forest: Frame house with extensive water and termite damage/building is leaning
  • 1006 Forest: Rear corner of building is collapsing/structural issues with foundation
  • 1225 Banklick: Frame house with extensive mold issues
  • 502 E 16th: Non-contributing building with structural issues
  • 639 W 9th​: Foundation issues (pictured)
  • 322 Pleasant: Major settling issues on the inside/frame building with significant structural issues
  • 311 Pleasant: Frame building with mold issues
  • 308 Pleasant: Frame building with water damage and mold
  • 109/111 Pleasant:  Structural issues with 109/111 which are attached/common wall not fire rated
  • 404 E 11th: Outside the historic district boundaries/non-contributing
  • 304 Pleasant: Frame building with water damage and mold
  • 325 Pleasant: Non-contributing building with significant structural issues
  • 1213 Wheeler: Frame building with mold issues
  • 113 Pleasant: Non-contributing
  • 112-114 E 13th: Cracks on brick/bowing between windows/major water damage
  • 306 Pleasant: Frame building with water damage and mold
  • 110 Pleasant: Foundation issues
  • 115 Pleasant: No historic detail left on building/building not marketable
  • 331 Pleasant: Frame building with mold and structural issues
  • 117 Pleasant: Major structural issues


  • 225 E 11th: Owned by Drummer & Lyster Gray. Blighted & abandoned/owners deceased
  • 318 E 12th: Owned by Mike Slone. Owner began demolition and stopped
  • 352 E 16th: Owned by Steven C. George. Blighted and abandoned for at least ten years.
  • 211 W 16th: Owned by Gary Fry. Abandoned and blighted/highly visible
  • 513 E 17th: Owned by Buddy & Gail Perkins. Bank started and abandoned foreclosure action at least five years ago/blighted
  • 16 E 29th: Owned by Ronald Banfield. Slipping/foundation failure
  • 18 E 29th: Owned by John Robbins. Slipping/foundation failure
  • 600 Delmar: Owned by Bob & Carol Raleigh. Blighted and abandoned/owners non-responsive
  • 1928 Eastern: Owned by Danny L. Johnson. Blighted and abandoned.
  • 2309 Herman: Owned by Faith Bowling. Bought by owner on eBay/blighted/no plans for repair
  • 1322 Holman: Owned by Whitson Richard. Abandoned/blighted/frequent complaints
  • 937 John: Owned by Brian Brockman. Entire roof blown off/owner has abandoned
  • 1726 Madison Ave: Owned by Elizabeth Hiles. Fire damaged several years ago/owner non-responsive/abandoned/dumping ground
  • 30 Martin: Owned by Violet J. Seitz. Former gas station/highly visible/should not have environmental impact/neighbors complain
  • 110 Martin: Owned by Bert & Betty Nixon. Shotgun cottage with siding being stolen/blighted and abandoned/neighbors complain
  • 1417 Neave: Owned by Medina Enterprises, Inc. Shotgun cottage/blighted and abandoned/faces new Health Point office
  • 309 Orchard: Owned by Jim Conliff. Abandoned and blighted/frequent graffiti/owner in Indiana/in Jackson Square area
  • 245 Pershing: Owned by Daryl & Vickie Skeens. Fire damaged/abandoned
  • 957 Spring: Owned by William Griffin. Blighted/owner cited to court and has been ordered out of building by code enforcement/building beyond repair

Second tier:

  • 20 E 13th: Owned by Thomas Hewett. Abandoned several years ago/blighted
  • 608 Altamont: Owned by ADMP Real Estate LLC. Fire damaged
  • 1545 Maryland: Owned by Kelly Shouse. Vacant and blighted.
  • 1287 & 1289 Parkway: Owned by Brian Brockman.  In foreclosure but neighborhood wants it demolished
  • 220 Trevor: Owned by William G. Blackford. Vacant and blighted/abandoned
  • 1326 Wood: Owned by George and Vicki Holt. Fire damaged.

PHOTO: 639 West 9th Street/RCN

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