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Nominate Someone for Covington Community Leader Award

The final day to nominate someone for a Covington Community Leader Award from the Center for Great Neighborhoods is Monday. Here is what any submission must include, via the Peaselburg Neighborhood Association:

Leader to be nominated: 
Nominee’s Address: 
Nominee’s Phone: Email: 
Nominee’s Employer: Nominated by (your name): 
Your Phone: 

The Community Leader Award is presented annually by the Center for Great Neighborhoods of Covington to recognize Covington residents* who have made significant contributions to their neighborhood or school, and who have not been recognized with a CGN Community Leader Award in the last two years. Receiving this recognition is a way to highlight the accomplishments of the Leader, express gratitude for his/her generous donation of time and talent, and inspire others to become involved in Covington. The awards will be presented at the Center’s Annual Meeting in November, 2012. Please help us in this nomination process. 

Past winners of the Community Leader Award have exhibited some or all of the following characteristics: 
♦ Demonstrates a strong commitment to Covington ♦ Has a positive vision for the community/school ♦ Successful in accomplishing projects and responsibilities ♦ Clearly shows concern for all members of the community/school ♦ Demonstrates the ability and initiative to bring people together to facilitate positive change ♦ Provides creativity in thinking and planning (new ideas, new solutions) ♦ Maintains a positive attitude 

Any individual can nominate someone for a Community Leader Award. Please describe in 250 words or less how your candidate demonstrates some of these qualities and give examples of the impact that he/she has had on the community. You may use the back of this page or attach an additional sheet. 
"One person can make a difference and every person should try." -John F. Kennedy 

Thank you for your nomination! Please return this form to: Center for Great Neighborhoods, 1650 Russell St. Covington, KY 41011, fax: 859.547.5582 or e-mail: Jane DEADLINE: Monday, October 15th, 2012
*Please email Jane for information on recognizing a non-resident.
[email protected]