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Voters in Kentucky May Amend Constitution in November

When you go to the polls in Kentucky on November 6, there will be a constitutional question on the ballot. It reads

Are you in favor of amending the Kentucky Constitution to state that the citizens of Kentucky have the personal right to hunt, fish, and harvest wildlife, subject to laws and regulations that promote conservation and preserve the future of hunting and fishing, and to state that public hunting and fishing shall be a preferred means of managing and controlling wildife? Yes or No

No one is challenging hunters' rights at the moment, but according to the Herald-Leader,  the National Rifle Association isn't taking any chances:

The NRA says that "anti-hunting extremists" in the future could convince the Kentucky legislature to outlaw or restrict hunting and fishing, perhaps as part of an animal-rights agenda. So the NRA last year urged lawmakers to put a state constitutional amendment on the 2012 ballot that would establish Kentuckians' right to "harvest wildlife." Lawmakers obliged.


The NRA is pushing similar hunting and fishing amendments this fall in Idaho, Nebraska and Wyoming. A dozen states already have approved them.

"The NRA doesn't wait for problems to arise to address them," NRA spokeswoman Stephanie Samford said. "We're constantly being proactive on our Second Amendment rights."

Full story: Herald-Leader

Meanwhile, hunters looking to bag a few deer in Kentucky can start next weekend:


Kentucky’s adult firearm hunters will get their first shot at bagging a deer during the early muzzleloader season next Saturday and Sunday.

It figures to be a busy weekend. Kentucky fish and wildlife officials estimate that about 157,000 of the state’s 271,000 deer hunters will use a muzzleloader during at least part of the 2012-13 season. About one-third of those will be in the woods next weekend.

“That’s what we think,” said David Yancy, whitetail research biologist for the Department of Fish and Wildlife Resources. “There were about 55,000 hunters during the 2011 October (muzzleloader) season.”

Full story: Courier-Journal

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