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Glenn Beck's New Line of Jeans is Made in Kentucky

Conservative radio/internet talk host Glenn Beck was so fed up with Levi's making their jeans in China that not only has he pledged never to wear that brand again, he has gone a step further and launched a brand of his own. 1791 Supply & Co. is a reference to the year the Bill of Rights was ratified. According to WFPL, the jeans are spun North Carolina and cut and sewn at a plant in Kentucky:

I called the 1791 company to find out just where in Kentucky the pants are put together. They declined to say, but a source tells us it's the Elk Brand Manufacturing facility in Cadiz. Elk Brand began in 1924. I called to ask if they've staffed up to handle the new contract, but the staff there referred me to the head office in Nashville, and my request for comment has not been returned.


And politics aside, Kentucky is no stranger to producing products at the edge of fashion or technology. In 2008, Noah Adams profiled a Henderson company that doesn't build jeans, but breaks them in, giving them the stylish stone wash look. And earlier this year, the press flocked to Harrodsburg when it was discovered that a plant there was manufacturing Gorilla Glass, which is used in the iPhone.

Full story: WFPL

PHOTO: Glenn Beck/by Gage Skidmore via