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1,000 Dog Trainers in Covington for Conference

Downtown Covington goes to the dog trainers this week with nearly a thousand coming to the Northern Kentucky Convention Center for the annual conference of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. The event is five days long and should be a nice boon to businesses on the riverfront, in Mainstrasse Village, and Downtown Covington. 


“This conference is a great way for top training professionals as well as beginners to get together and feel motivated all over again for their interesting, rewarding, yet challenging profession,” said Mychelle Blake, president of APDT, in a news release. “Not only do trainers have to know about dog behavior, training techniques and human psychology, but also how to be a strong successful business professional and grow their business.”

The Oct. 17-21 APDT Conference and Trade Show in Covington is the most diverse in the world on dog behavior and training. The five days of activities include: a lineup of the most respected speakers in the field; 17 hands-on, interactive workshop sessions with demos and field studies; meet and greets; a riverboat cruise; and exhibitor booths on the trade show floor showcasing the latest and greatest in treats, training tools and dog care items.

“This is a very passionate group of skilled people who will all be in one place at one time, and we’re thrilled for that to be the Northern Kentucky area this year,” Blake said. “It is the place to go if you’re a dog training professional looking to broaden your knowledge base, a beginner just starting out wanting to learn more, or you’re involved with the dog care industry as a vet tech, veterinarian, shelter worker, groomer or pet sitter who wants to know more about training and dog behavior.”

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