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A Few Days of Kooky News from Kentucky

Some crazy news stories have come out of Kentucky over the past few days including one about a couple kids prank-calling 911 only to be found later hiding in a closet... with their adult babysitter who was afraid he had a warrant waiting for him, a father who crashed his car while allegedly driving drunk and then attempted to flee the scene by hitchhiking... with his young son in tow, a Murray State basketball player is caught on surveillance cameras deliberately running over someone and driving away with a man on the hood of his car, a national blog visits a Kentucky horse track and comes up with a list of the dos and don'ts when going there, and perhaps the kookiest of all is that Senator Mitch McConnell said that he likes a couple parts of "Obamacare". Check it all out below...

Boys in Carroll Co. prank dial 911, are found in closet with babysitter


The boys reportedly told dispatchers that a 16-year-old girl had been shot. The caller was hysterical and the dispatcher was unable to get an address before the caller hung up. However, the call was traced to Rail Street in English.


They entered the home and found the two boys and an adult male hiding in a closet. Officers say they recognized the 12 year old because he used to live in the City of Carrollton and had made numerous prank calls to 911. 

After a few questions, officers determined that the two boys placed the false 911 call from the 7-year-old's cell phone. The 7-year-old asked the 12-year-old what was the worst thing he had ever done and he said 'pranking the police'. At that point, the 12-year-old admitted he helped the younger boy make the false call.

The man who was hiding with the children was babysitting the 12-year-old. Sheriff Jamie Kinman said the man hid because the boys told him the police were outside and explained what they had done. The man believed he had a warrant for his arrest so he hid in the closet with the children.

Full story here.

Drunk Driver Hitchhikes After Crash Injures Son

From WKYT:


Rodney Agee is facing assault, DUI and leaving the scene of an accident charges following the crash.

Lexington Police say Agee caught a ride with a passerby back to his Georgetown home instead of getting help for the child.

We're told the passerby, Robert Buchanon, offered to take the pair to the hospital. On the way there, Agee asked Buchanon to drop them off at his father's house in Georgetown.

When Agee and his son got out of the car, Buchanon says he noticed the child was bleeding.

Full story here.

Murray State Basketball Players Runs Man Over, Drives Off With Man on Hood

Murray State basketball player Zay Jackson, part of what is expected to be possibly the best MSU team ever, had some 'splainin' to do after some disturbing surveillance video was released. From Bleacher Report:


Jackson will face 30 days in jail after pleading guilty to the charge of wanton endangerment last Friday. 

Jackson also must write an apology to both victims, perform 30 days of community service and complete an anger management course.

Jackson is expected to be allowed to remain on the team. Want to see the video? Of course you do. Click here and watch it all.

13 Do's and Don't's of attending Keeneland

Hillary Reinzberg of Buzzfeed visited Keeneland last weekend and learned a lot about the Kentucky horse racing experience. Click here to read the charming piece.

McConnell says he likes a couple things about Obamacare

From the Hazard Herald:

According to the senator, PPACA was the first serious piece of social change legislation that was passed on a strictly partisan level. He described those benefited by the legislation, the more than 30 million people without insurance, as being the young who choose not to have insurance and the poor who can not afford it. McConnell said the federal mandate makes the issue very complex, and called PPACA a “huge mistake,” and something he hopes can be corrected.


Though there wasn’t a great deal about the current plan that McConnell said he liked, he did identify the rule of a 26-year-old being allowed to remain on their parents insurance, and not allowing insurers to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions, as aspects of the current law that would likely be carried over to any replacement at the federal level. “The balance of it I believe ought to be handled at the state level,” said McConnell.

Full story here

Prisoner sues after nose is bitten, says he was attacked for being gay

There is a horrifying photo of the man's nose post-attack at the link below, so click with caution. From NBC:


The suit says that Brandon Milam, of Bowling Green, Ky., was sitting on his bed on July 2 when Timothy Schwartz, the other inmate, approached him, pinned him against the wall and began punching his face.

Milam, 26, said that he “heard a crunching sound as Defendant Schwartz bit part of (his) nose off, severing it from (his) face,” the suit claims. “Schwartz then spit the piece of (his) nose out onto the floor.”

Want to see? OK... but hopefully you've had breakfast already. Click Here.