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Operation: Safe Drive Campaign Comes to Kentucky

The KSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Division will participate in the national 'Operation Safe Driver' campaign from Oct. 14-20, 2012. The program is sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CVSA).

Operation Safe Driver will hold activities across the United States, Canada and Mexico that aim to increase commercial vehicle and non-commercial vehicle traffic enforcement; safety belt enforcement; driver roadside inspections; driver regulatory compliance; implementation of commercial driver educational and awareness programs to the motor carrier population; and, awareness to the motoring public about safe operations around commercial motor vehicles.

Each year more than 36,000 people die on the roadways throughout North America – many of which are the direct result of unsafe and aggressive driving practices by both passenger and commercial vehicle drivers.

Operation Safe Driver focuses on changing the habits of all drivers to avoid distracted driving. KSP supports this philosophy and offers the following tips when driving around large trucks.

  • Stay out of the No-Zone. No-Zones are actual blind spots where the car "disappears" from the view of the truck driver.
  • Stay visible! Large trucks need a much longer braking distance than a car. Don't cut into a trucks' space; if this happens it reduces a trucks' much needed braking distance and restricts evasive action.
  • Don't tailgate a truck. The further you are away from a truck the less likely you will be involved in a collision.
  • Don't speed. Obey all speed limits.
  • Allow plenty of room. Large trucks are almost as wide as your lane of travel. Pacing too close behind one prevents you from reacting to changing traffic conditions and patterns.
  • Buckle-up. Wearing your safety belt is the single most important thing you can do to save your life in a crash.
  • Pay attention. Distracted driving is the number one cause of collisions. Focus on the road and stay alert! Protect yourself and your passengers by learning how to share the road safely with large vehicles and avoid distracted driving.

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As an effort to contribute to the campaign, KSP Commercial Vehicle Enforcement will be conducting a "focus day" on motor coaches and passenger carrying vehicles. On Friday October 19 KSP will have extra officers and inspectors at the Elizabethtown weight facility on I-65 South at the 90 mm. These officers be stopping and conducting safety inspections on motor coaches and passenger carrying vehicles to insure that all passengers are being transported to their destination in the safest manner possible.

Citizens can contribute to highway safety by reporting erratic drivers to the Kentucky State Police toll-free at 1-800-222-5555. Callers will remain anonymous and should give a description of the vehicle, location, direction of travel and license number if possible.

SOURCE: press release