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Diocese of Covington Seeks Names for Anti-Abortion Ad

October is designated Pro-Life Month in the Diocese of Covington and Bishop Roger Foys is asking all parishes to collect names to appear in a multi-page newspaper ad in January. The cost is $2 for a name and $10 for a family to appear in the ad that is slated to run some time near January 23, 2013 as the fortieth anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision, the landmark abortion rights victory, is recognized. 

From the Diocese of Covington website: "Please look for representative at your parish who will be collecting names and donations during the  Respect Life Month of October. If you miss a representative at your parish, please contact the Pro-Life Office by calling 859-392-1545 for information."

More information here.

PHOTO: Interior of Mutter Gottes Kirche (Mother of God Church)/RCN file