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NY Times: Kentucky's Death Penalty is Egregious

In a scathing editorial, The New York Times takes aim at Kentucky's death penalty following last week's move by the state Human Rights Commission to vote unanimously in favor of a resolution opposing it:

The death penalty in Kentucky is colossally unfair, costly and riddled with constitutional error. From 1976 through last year, of the 78 people sentenced to death in the state, 50 had their sentences overturned on appeal, with 15 of those for prosecutorial mistakes or misconduct.


Kentucky’s laws and procedures, the report said, failed to “protect the innocent, convict the guilty and ensure the fair and efficient enforcement of criminal law in death penalty cases.”

For instance, among the state’s 57 prosecutors’ offices, some “will charge every death-eligible case as a capital case” while most others do not. This means that the pursuit of the death penalty in Kentucky is largely arbitrary and capricious, determined by which office happens to be prosecuting the case.

Full story: The New York Times

PHOTO: A lethal injection room (though not one in Kentucky)