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Mayor, Board Member Show Support in Covington School Board Race

With just hours before the polls open in Kentucky, Covington School Board member Krista Powers, who is not seeking reelection, has announced her support for incumbent Glenda Huff and challengers Joyce Baker and Kerry Holleran. Powers sent this message to her friends on Facebook:


The Covington Independent Public School Board race is as important as every other tomorrow. I have spent a lot of time following the race, and of course the needs and dynamics of the district. I have spoken with every candidate and appreciate the level of care to be engaged in the district's mission to inspire and prepare our students to excel academically and personally. As we all know, there is still quite a bit of hard work ahead for our district, and we Dthe community - the village that it takes to raise each child) are up to the challenge!

Based on everything I have learned and witnessed, I will cast my vote for Baker, Holleran and Huff tomorrow. In my opinion, they are the best for the task at hand.

I hope you join me in supporting Baker, Holleran and Huff tomorrow.

Thank you,
Krista Powers

Additionally, according to the Kentucky Registry of Election Finance, Covington Mayor Chuck Scheper is also supporting Kerry Holleran. Scheper has donated $500 through two separate contributions to Holleran's campaign with one $250 contribution given on October 15 and another for the same amount on October 20.

Scheper is not the only city official to donate money to school board campaigns this election cycle. City Commissioner Steve Frank, who is the midst of his own re-election campaign, tells The River City News that he gave checks of $250 each to school board candidates Everett Dameron, Tom Miller, Rebecca Pettigrew, and Jo Rogers and also a $1,000 donation to the John G. Carlisle School Fund on behalf of candidate Christi Blair.

Candidates for Covington School Board in which three of five seats are up for election Tuesday include incumbents Mike Fitzgerald and Glenda Huff and challengers Joyce Baker, Christi Blair, Everett Dameron, Kerry Holleran, Tom Miller, Rebecca Pettigrew, and Jo Rogers. To read about all the candidates, click here.