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Circus is Economic Boon in Ludlow

Circus Mojo and its leader, Paul Miller, have put Ludlow on the map and investors have noticed. From the Cincinnati Business Courier:


Since Paul Miller located his Circus Mojo startup to Ludlow more than two years ago, thousands of people have visited the Northern Kentucky city as a destination – not just to pass through as they have for years. By Miller’s calculation, he drew 8,000 people to the city last year alone.

And that’s spurred interest from other investors and business owners, who are seeing Ludlow as a good place to buy property and set up shop, Ludlow City Manager Brian Richmond said.

“I personally have taken a lot more calls from people inquiring. I got a call about a bar and restaurant, another about a nouveau dining concept, and I’ve gotten calls about coffee shops,” Richmond said. “You don’t have to be an economic wizard to figure out that more traffic in your city means economic development.”

The article's headline even plays on Covington's C+V=G manta (that courage plus vision equals growth) by saying Circus + Vision = Economic Development.

Read the full story: Cincinnati Business Courier

PHOTO: Circus Mojo in Ludlow/RCN file