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Thank you to everyone who joined RCN at the Radisson Tuesday night. Here are the results of the Covington elections:



Covington Mayor: Final 

Steve Casper 5209

Sherry Carran 5660 elected


Covington Commission: Final

Steve Frank 6118 elected

Michelle Williams 5211 elected

Chuck Eilerman 4765 elected

Mildred Rains 4627 elected

Greg Paeth 4510

Roger Hamilton 2541

Alan "Chip" Terry 1,329 write-in votes


Covington School Board: FINAL

Joyce Baker 3,789 elected

Kerry Holleran 2,390 elected

Glenda Huff 2,276 elected

Rebecca Pettigrew 1,838

Mike Fitzgerald 1,828

Tom MIller 1,615

Christi Blair 1,238

Everett Dameron 1,355

Jo Rogers 1,095


State Senate District 23: FINAL

Chris McDaniel (R) 23,597 elected

James Noll (D) 15,842


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