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Local Pie War Gets National Coverage

'Tis the season for pumpkin pie and two Cincinnati favorites love to wage a friendly war against each other this time of year. Who has the better pumpkin pie: Frisch's Big Boy or Busken Bakery? The Wall Street Journal weighed in this week on some of the "gourd"-illa warfare:

Dan and Brian Busken, of the family-owned Busken Bakery, pulled into the parking lot of a Frisch's Big Boy on a recent morning for a clandestine mission: They donned ski masks with fake mustaches attached, placed a ladder next to the restaurant's namesake statue and cloaked Big Boy in a Busken apron.

To top things off, they encased the statue's trademark burger in a Busken pie box. They then posted the maneuver on YouTube and Facebook in a video complete with fake explosions and flashes of lightning.

"I know it's not typical behavior of a CEO and a vice president," says Dan Busken, 37-year-old prankster-in-chief of the 84-year-old family business known for cheeky ad campaigns, such as a billboard telling motorists to "Have a Crumby Day" with a picture of a smiley-face cookie.

Read the full story: The Wall Street Journal

PHOTO: Frisch's Pumpkin Pie


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