Was Diane Sawyer Drunk During Election Night Coverage?

ABC News Anchor and Kentucky native Diane Sawyer sent Twitter into a tizzy Tuesday night when she appeared to be speaking nonsense and slurring her words. TMZ reports that the rumor is that the longtime face of ABC was drunk on the air:

A wacky Sawyer, slurring her words and rambling on about nothing, spoke haltingly as she tried to navigate the election returns.

Lots of viewers turned off their TV sets wondering if Sawyer was anchoring with a .12 blood alcohol level -- i.e., she seemed really drunk.

One thing's for sure ... Something very different was going on with her as she clumsily threw to reporters in the field.

A poll on TMZ's website asks viewers if they think Sawyer was drunk and with more than 117,000 votes counted, 69% say, yes. Watch the video: TMZ

PHOTO: Diane Sawyer via