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Covington Scores High Marks in "Surprising Cincinnati" Post

Out-of-town visitors are often surprised to learn how close Cincinnati is to Kentucky, it seems, and are even more surprised to learn that in addition to the great things happening in the Queen City, there are plenty of awesome goings-on over on this side of the river, too. The publisher of a blog called Baby Bloomr  recently visited Cincinnati, Covington, and Newport and came up with "ten surprising things" about the area. Here are some highlights about our hometowns:


#10: Every time you turn around, you’re in Kentucky.

Cincinnati is nestled on the banks of the Ohio River, and Kentucky is directly right smack dab across the water. A stone’s throw, almost. This is probably not a startling revelation to most of you, but geography has never been my strong suit. There are five lovely bridges that connect downtown Cincinnati to the Kentucky towns of Covington and Newport, and during my stay we crossed back and forth several times a day, which was just a wee bit confusing. I spent a lot of time saying, “OK, so now we’re in…?” The locals just merge the whole area together and call it the ‘greater Cincinnati REGION.’ (I personally think ‘Kencinnati’ is catchier, but nobody asked me.) This interesting fusion of Midwestern urban center with small Southern river towns is just one of the unique features of  this captivating city.



#8: They have gargoyles.

Cincinnati (on the Kentucky side) is home to one of the most massively elaborate, gloriously gothic cathedrals in the entire country– St. Mary’s Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption. One of only 35 designated ‘minor’ basilicas in the U.S., (the only four ‘major’ basilicas in the world are all in Rome) it has everything you’d ever want in a big honkin’ cathedral: stained glass windows, flying buttresses, mosaic murals, 81-ft. ceilings, marble statues, giant pipe organ… Basically, it’s only one hunchbacked bellringer away from rivaling Paris’ Notre Dame. This magnificently serene cathedral is an unforgettable site that should be included on any tour of Cincinnati– and the 26 Italian carved gargoyles crouched on the roof and peering down at the church grounds are the icing on the cake.



#5: It’s a city of neighborhoods.

Cincinnati is made up of 52 neighborhoods, each with a distinctly different personality. The town is full of historical importance and every neighborhood seems to have its own charming backstory. I wasn’t there long enough to sample all of them, but I did get to hit a few highlights. We walked through the revitalized areas of Over The Rhine, strolled the streets of MainStrasse Village, drove around trendy Mount Adams and was invited to dinner at a beautiful home in Hyde Park. Cincinnatians take great pride in their neighborhoods, and walking tours of the most popular ones are readily available. You’ll find out lots of things you didn’t know about the area… For example, who knew that innocent, friendly little Newport was once a vice-filled gambling mecca?

Lots of photos and more commentary on the area at the link: Click Here

PHOTO: Mainstrasse Village/RCN file

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