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No Arrests Yet in Home Invasion, Gas Station Robbery

Two violent crimes happened within ten hours and just a few blocks of each other in West Latonia on Sunday and The River City News has learned that Covington Police Department has not ruled out the possibility that the two incidents are related. In addition to the proximity of the crime scenes, the suspect in each has the same vague description. 

Both cases also share a more unfortunate similarity: no one has been arrested in either.

On Sunday morning around 9:00, the Shell gas station at 30th & Decoursey was held up by a man described to police as being a heavy-set white male around 5'9"-5'11" tall. The suspect was referenced a concealed gun in his pants when demanding that a clerk give him money from the register. The gas station was shut down for less than an hour while police investigated.

At around 7:30PM Sunday, an 84-year old woman was held at knifepoint inside her Watson Avenue home, a short walk from the Shell station. A white male entered her home through an unlocked door and managed to make off with the woman's vehicle as well as her purse and other personal items. The woman, Betty Schott, suffered a gash to her thumb that required stitches. She is staying with relatives.

Liuetenant Colonel Bryan Carter of the Covington Police Department told The River City News Tuesday afternoon that while no one is in custody in either of these cases, investigators are closer than they were yesterday. 

Written by Michael Monks

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