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Holmes High School Students Build on Career & Character

From the Children, Inc Blog:


The VIA Institute on Character works with researches around the world to create and utilize the VIA Classification of Strengths and the VIA Inventory of Strengths as the backbone of the science of positive psychology.

All sophomore career focus introduction courses at Holmes High School are taking the VIA survey, a character strength assessment for youth and adults, focusing on people’s strengths rather than their flaws. which explores and ranks 24 different character strengths within six categories. After taking the high school version of the VIA survey, students receive a detailed listing of their top five strengths (core strengths). Last year’s results determined love, honesty, gratitude, hope and appreciation of beauty and excellence as top strengths among high school students surveyed at Holmes with 35% of students surveyed learning one of those aforementioned strengths is their “top strength.” Only 8% of students surveyed found prudence to be among their core strengths.


Half of this year’s sophomore students have already completed the VIA survey, with three of the strengths (love, hope, and gratitude) reappearing on the top five list from last year’s sophomore class. Added to the strengths of this year’s sophomores are humor and spirituality. Of the students who have completed the survey this year thus far, 43% found love, hope, gratitude, humor, or spirituality to be their top strength.

Taking the survey in a career-related cluster class, students relate their character strengths to their chosen career and/or career field. One Holmes comments on her top character strength of fairness: “As a future social worker, I believe in social justice and working to help all people reach their goals. I believe having fairness as my top strength will be a great advantage for me in my career.” Students complete reflection activities after completing and reviewing their strengths. Some activities include silent group exercises to build leadership, teamwork, creativity, and perseverance. Others focus on the core strengths of each individual student. Some students study mind maps (a graphical way to represent ideas and concepts) related to their top character strengths and work in groups of like-top strength students to create their own core character strength mind map.

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PHOTO: Students participate in a reflection activity to build leadership, teamwork, creativity, and perseverance after taking the Values in Action survey through their career cluster introduction course at Holmes High School/Children, Inc