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By the Numbers: Gateway College's Buildings in Downtown Covington

With the huge announcement that Gateway Community & Technical College is moving forward with is planned $80 million urban campus in Downtown Covington, here is a look at the properties affected by the decision and how much the school plans to spend purchasing and renovating them as part of the largest development project in the city since the construction of the RiverCenter Towers in the early 1990s:

Building Location Use Acquisition Cost Renovation/Construction Cost Total Cost
Two Rivers Scott Blvd



N/A $10 Million $10 Million
Marx Building Madison Ave Technology & Design Center $1.4 Million $3.6 Million $5 Million
Abode Building Scott Blvd

Urban Spa & Wellness


$520,000 $1.9 Million $2.42 Million
Citizens Bank Building Madison & Pike

College Bookstore/

Barnes & Noble

$140,000 $85,000 $1 Million
First United Methodist Church Greenup Street Kaleidoscope Center for Urban Outreach/Performing Arts $220,000 $1.5 Million $1.72 Million
Senior Citizens Center Fifth Street Technical Classroom Center $0 $1 Million $1 Million
Former YMCA Madison Ave Classroom/Workforce Development/Child Development Center $2.9 Million $3.8 Million $6.7 Million

The Point/MadHatter

Scott Blvd Science & Allied Health Center (New Construction) $1 Million $21.8 Million $22.8 Million

Dressman Building/

Emergency Shelter

Scott Blvd Additional Academic Support (New Construction) TBD $9.3 Million $9.3 Million
Misc. Land Acquisition         $6.3 Million
Parking Structures         $10.5 Million
Infrastructure Site Improvements         $4.6 Million

$81.5 Million


PHOTO: "Electric Alley", the area behind Two Rivers/RCN

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