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Former Code Enforcement Director Honored by Latonia Business Association

The Latonia Business Association presented its annual awards on Thursday to Keith Bales, the City of Covington code enforcement director whose position was eliminated when the department was restructured, and also ACB Recovery.

Keith Bales, LBA Public Servant of the Year

Latonia has been Keith Bales' home for more than forty years. Keith has served the city of Covington on various boards and task forces for several years. He was the first chair of the Citizen's Code Enforcement Board. He served on the Covington Gang's Task Force and Sexually Oriented Business Task Force. In 2006 Keith became the Director of Code Enforcement at the City of Covington. He served Latonia as a Neighborhood Watch coordinator. Keith served on the Board of Directors of Keep Covington Beautiful. He was the catalyst for the park work group seeking a solution the empty Bonded service station at 3203 Decoursey Avenue abandoned in 1998. He has worked to make sure that property along railroad tracks in Latonia was well maintained. He made sure to keep the weeds cut along the tracks on Huntington Avenue in front of Rosedale Green. Keith was very responsive to the LBA's questions and concerns. He reports that Latonia has had 5600 code enforcement cases in the last six years. The LBA thanks Keith and the city Code Enforcement Department for the all the services provided to Latonia. We thank Keith for his years of service and his commitment to Latonia.

ACB Recovery, Improvements in the Latonia Business Community

ACB Recovery is being recognized for the jobs it has brought to Latonia and the surrounding area. Tony Faeth, company president, describes the company in the following: ACB American, Inc. was founded in 1962 and moved to Latonia in 2006 to the Latonia Shopping Center. The company focused primarily on working with local hospitals and doctors helping to improve cash flow and business office efficiency. In the 1990's the company expanded its offerings to the financial industry building a client base that included Fortune 500 and Fortune 100 companies. In 2011 the company merged with Plaza Associates, a New York based company. At the time of the merge, ACB employed 110 associates. Between January and September 2011 the company added another 100 jobs in Covington. October 2011, ACB and Plaza Associates agreed to terms of an acquisition and expansion of its Latonia facility with United Recovery of Houston and became ACB Recovery. In 2012 the company has added another 50+ jobs. In March of 2012 the company opened its second expansion in Latonia in the old Frank's space. Since 2006 when ACB first moved to Latonia, the payroll has increased from 1.8 million to nearly 6.5 million most of which are Northern Kentucky residents. The LBA thanks Tony and ACB Recovery for the jobs it has provided in the Northern Kentucky community.

SOURCE: City of Covington e-newsletter