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Walt's Hitching Post to Reopen

Walt's Hitching Post, a Fort Wright landmark restaurant that closed in 2010, will reopen under new ownership, a pair of guys who also bought the rights to Walt's famous recipes. The Cincinnati Enquirer's Cindy Schroeder reports:


Business partners Donny Arnsperger of Fort Wright and Bronson Trebbi of Mount Lookout are leasing the property at Madison Pike and Kyles Lane with an option to purchase it. They’ve also acquired the rights to the recipes for which Walt’s was famous.

“It’s a tradition 70 years in the making,” Trebbi said. “In one sense, our job is easy because the establishment (was) established a long time ago. Literally, our secret sauce is already in place. The ribs will be as delicious as they always were. The rye bread will be like folks remember.”

In the two months since the new operators began renovating Walt’s, a day hasn’t gone by when passers-by haven’t stopped to find out what’s happening.

Full story: Cincinnati Enquirer

PHOTO: Walt's Hitching Post/Diane Brumback for RCN

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