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Multiple Robberies Possibly Linked in Covington

A theme is building in a string of four armed robberies across Covington with one happening at the far north end, two in the center of town, and another towards the south in Latonia. The D&R Market at 26th Street and Madison Avenue was the latest to be held up with police responding to the scene late Tuesday morning. A suspect described as a white male around 5'8" tall with a stocky build and sparse facial hair possibly between the ages of thirty and thirty-five used a gun to hold up the market before fleeing in a four-door silver Chevrolet Trailblazer with a possibly stolen Kentucky license plate that reads 299-FEW. Police say the suspect was wearing a dark cap, a dark hoodie and had brown hair.

That is possibly the same vehicle described in the armed robbery two weeks ago at the Gutierrez Deli on Lee Street at the corner of Martin Luther King Boulevard. At that time the vehicle was described as a possible 2008 model, but the D&R robber fled in what police are calling a 2003-2005 model.

Three days before Gutierrez Deli was hit, the Shell gas station at 30th & Decoursey in Latonia was also held up at gunpoint. Though no vehicle was described in that case, the suspect was wearing a dark hoodie.

The first of the four recent armed robberies was at the Sunoco gas station on Fourth Street.

Another common link in these robberies is that they happen in the late morning and all the locations are small markets on major thoroughfares in the city. It also appears, according to witness and investigator accounts, that the suspect or suspects case(s) the targeted markets by waiting nearby for any customers to leave.

If you have any information on this string of robberies, call Covington Police dispatch at 859.356.3191 or Crime Stoppers at 513.352.3040.

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