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Half the State Opposes Health Care Reform Law

Fifty-percent of Kentuckians oppose the Patient Protection & Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare, but even more want to see Congress move on from the issue. The Health Foundation of Greater Cincinnati conducted the Kentucky Health Issues Poll which included interviews with 1,680 people by phone. 

Overall, fifty percent have an unfavorable opinion of the health care reform law while thirty-four percent have a favorable opinion, though fifty-eight percent of respondents admit that they don't have enough information about how the law will affect them personally.

Meanwhile, fifty-five percent of respondents want to see Congress let the law alone and move on to other issues of national importance. If Congress were to do something to the law, the responses varied from the poll participants: twenty-seven percent want to see the law expanded, twenty-three percent want the law repealed, nineteen percent want to keep the law as is while another nineteen percent want a Republican alternative, and eleven percent did not know.

Check out the details for yourself: Health Foundation (PDF) and check out the poll's data tables by clicking here (PDF).

PHOTO: President Obama visits the University of Cincinnati in October/RCN file