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Enquirer Endorses Covington's Proposed Business Improvement District

The Cincinnati Enquirer dedicated an op-ed in favor of Downtown Covington's proposed business improvement district. The BID would have to be approved by more than half of the property owners representing more than half the assessed value of the property in the designated Downtown area and would initiate an assessment on those owners that would fund special projects such as maintenance and marketing. Covington's BID would be similar to what has successfully been done in Louisville and Cincinnati. The Enquirer acknowledges a new energy in the city and suggests that a BID would improve upon it:


It’s a good idea and would be a good example of private businesses stepping up to add value to services the public sector provides. The money would not be used to fund services the city and county already provide, but would add services they can’t provide.

Good models already exist. In Cincinnati, Downtown Cincinnati Inc. has been in business since 1994. It’s funded by assessments on business in the central business district. Last year it raised $2.1 million through assessments. With that money it power-washed 1,358 facades, removed 2,685 cases of graffiti, carted away 128,710 pounds of trash and maintained 70 big sidewalk planters. It employs a social service coordinator who made nearly 7,000 contacts with homeless and panhandlers, social service agencies and landlords to help street people find appropriate services.

Full story: Cincinnati Enquirer

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