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Stories About Renovated Playground Sought

Fire destroyed half the playground at Sixth District Elementary School over the summer but community volunteers restored it and had it reopened for the children in October. Sixth District has a partnership with Gateway College that helped coordinate the restoration of the playground and now Gateway wants to hear from students and families about their experience.

Sixth District's Facebook page sent out the following message: "Our B.E.S.T. Partner, Gateway Community Technical College, has put forth a request for some "success stories" about the playground and surrounding efforts – quotes from kids, staff, faculty, parents, community members – to be used in their grant report. If you have anything to contribute to this effort, please post a comment here or email your contribution to he[email protected]. Thanks!"

No one was arrested or charged in connection with the arson.

PHOTO: Sixth District Playground on the day it reopened/RCN file