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New Jobs Possible for Covington, Commission Agenda Says

Could more than sixty new jobs be on their way to Covington? The agenda for the Covington City Commission's meeting Tuesday includes an item that would approve a job development incentive for Westpack, LLC which is considering locating its manufacturing facility in Covington. 

Wespack is a new glass packaging company, part of Russia-based Unipak. "The approval of this order/resolution will authorize an economic inventive for Westpack, LLC to bring jobs to Covington," the agenda reads.

In September, a meeting of the Kentucky Economic Development Finance Authority included an agenda item about Wespack, describing it as a company that services the alcoholic beverage industry. The company was seeking $1.5 million in tax incentives that would be spread out over ten years and would be connected to the creation of new jobs.

At the time of the meeting in September, the project was expected to include 63 new jobs with an average hourly wage of $18.

The proposed Westpack project at the time including the purchase of a space more than 125,000 square feet in size in addition to start-up costs, new equipment, and machinery.

 It was described as a $4.5 million project ($3.1 million for equipment and $1.2 million for the building and improvements). Westpack applied for $1.5 million in tax incentives over ten years tied to new jobs.

This story will be updated as soon as new information is attained. 

Photo: Covington City Hall/RCN file