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Angry Coupon Users Take to Social Media Over Kroger Decision

The Kroger Company has decided to end its double coupon program, the Cincinnati Business Courier reports:

Kroger Co. stores in Greater Cincinnati and Dayton will lower prices on about 3,500 items starting next week, but at a cost. Kroger will discontinue doubling coupons.

Scott Hendricks, vice president of merchandising for the Cincinnati/Dayton division, made the announcement at the Kroger Newport Marketplace Friday morning. He did not say how much the company is investing in the project, but he said the company will more than triple the spending used on doubling coupons.

“Kroger is making a multimillion dollar investment into lowering prices,” Hendricks said.

The change only affects Kroger stores in the Cincinnati and Dayton areas. More: Business Courier

Some shoppers are so angry over the decision that they have taken to leaving angry comments on Kroger's Facebook page:

You have just lost my business since you are going to stop doubling coupons. Bad move Kroger, bad move. Hello Meijer! I'm glad the Meijer is right across the street from my Kroger!
Seriously Kroger ??? I guess my 600$ plus a month isn't good enough for you!!! 
Many families clip coupons because of the economy to save a buck !!! Thanks for slapping the working man in the face again! No more double coupons ! Corporate greed at its finest!
Shame on you Kroger!!! I've been a loyal customer and have only grocery shopped here for years! A lot of people depend on the double coupons to feed their families! And don't feed us the bull crap about lower prices... As of March 1 I will be taking my business to Meijer where they still double coupons! You just lost my grocery and gas business!
You wanna lower prices, some over a $1 per item... just goes to show how much you rip us off.. as a former employee, I've seen the hikes. Especially in the meat dept. And your "sales" of saving $0.01-0.03, is not a sale. I don't see this, no doubling coupons, working too well..
So disappointed that there will be no more doubling...on top of all the other changes that have already been implemented!!! I will be taking my business elsewhere, seeing as how nobody in our area will be doubling anymore. That was the reason I was a customer, double coupons helped keep our budget under control. And lowering prices on things I will never buy doesn't make up for it!!
Really? You are lowering the price on a bag of onions, bottled water and soy milk and then eliminating double coupons. Kroger management is taking the company in the wrong direction. If you want customers then you better make it more appealing to shop there. I am already disgusted with your morning stocking where you have large carts of food blocking aisles and another shopping cart for cardboard boxes blocking as well. I suggested to the store not bringing so much out at once but nothing has changed. You just changed your coupon policy no very long ago. Now this? Do you want my business?
Good work kroger, you just became meijer's #1 marketing ad!

Kroger responded on Facebook:

We understand your concern and want to assure you we are committed to offering our customers low prices by taking the following steps:
*Fuel Savings program offering our customers up to $1.00 off per gallon at Kroger Fuel Centers
*$4/$10.00 Generic Prescription Program
*10% Case Wine Discount
*Digital Coupons downloadable to your Plus Card on
*Kroger mailers containing coupons targeted to YOUR household purchases
*In addition to lowering everyday prices, will continue to offer hot weekly features
*We will continue to hold Special Event sales (i.e 10/$10, Buy 5 Save $5, .99 cent, Mega) 
*Our 4 Million dollar commitment to the 2013 Community Rewards Program for non-profit organizations

We appreciate your feedback and are confident our customers will see the benefit of our new program.