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Photos: Preparing Bishop's Mansion for Demolition

The nineteenth century Victorian home commonly referred to as the Bishop's Mansion is nearing its final hour. After spending more than a century directly to the south of Covington's most iconic landmark, St. Mary's Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption, the mansion will be torn down and replaced by a new Walgreens store.

The Diocese of Covington sold the property for the development which is being handled by Covington-based Anchor properties following a months-long back-and-forth between the company, the city, and preservation groups. The Covington City Commission gave the final go-ahead in late November.

On Wednesday afternoon a "coming soon" sign was placed on the grounds alerting the many drivers that meet at the busy intersection of Madison Avenue & Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard of Walgreens' impending arrival. Construction equipment and workers were also working around the exterior of the property, though no bricks had yet been knocked down.

Here are photos from the site of the Bishop's Mansion Wednesday afternoon:

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