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Lexington Brewers Bring Beer to Northern Kentucky Shelves

Lexington-based West Sixth microbrewery is once again expanding into a new market, this time into the only remaining one in the state without their product – Northern Kentucky (and the Greater Cincinnati area).

The company, founded by four friends, signed a deal with Stagnaro Distributing. Their cans and kegs of India Pale Ale began hitting the shelves this week. The founders will also be attending Cincinnati Beerfest.

In a press release, the company explained how the addition of brewer Andy Smith is making the northern Kentucky/Cincinnati roll out possible. In addition, the company purchased new kegs for the expansion, needing an average of five additional each time a new market is entered and five more each time a new account such as a restaurant or bar is added.

The company reported in the press release that the time is right for this latest expansion, adding “There are a ton of events coming up in Northern Kentucky and Cincinnati early in the year, and we want to be there for each and every one.”

The beer is currently available at a few places — Party Source, DEPs, Liquor City, Party Town, I-75 Liquors, Hyde Park Wine and Sprits, and a few others — for an up-to-date list, look here.

Photo: via West Sixth Brewing Facebook page