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New Businesses Open in Mainstrasse Village

Covington's Mainstrasse Village welcomed three new businesses recently: a photography studio, a jewelry/accessory store, and a print shop. Check them out:

Red Photo Fusion

Brooke is creative, calming and spirited.

Coleman is eclectic, sentimental, and quick-witted.

That's how Red Photo Fusion's website describes its two proprietors who recently moved their photography studio from Pike Street to Seventh Street. "We were on Pike Street for three years, so we wanted to have a first-floor space in an environment with more retail," Coleman said of the move. "We're hopeful that with a first floor in Mainstrasse we will be able to implement more retail as well."

Coleman and Brooke have a combined twenty-five years experience in the field and are hoping to expand their offerings to include custom jewelry and specialty products, which include note cards, photos on canvas, and more. "We are professional photographers but we have a connection to a lot more products," Coleman said. "Our goal is to grow into that when demand calls for it."

The full-service studio offers photography for weddings and more, including newborns as young as five-days old. "We grow with our customers' needs," she said.

Red Photo Fusion plans to have a grand opening on March 23. "When we promote our opening, we'll be promoting to our existing customers to come check out Mainstrasse," Coleman said.

Website: Red Photo Fusion



LuLu White

LuLu white is a collection of handmade items locally-made by creative artists from around the region. Products include jewelry and dresses (formal and bridal).

Owners Miranda Thomas and Karla Weisenberger bring their individual expertise to create a logical partnership: Miranda is a jewelry maker and Karla is a clothing designer.

But they are not the only ones that make LuLu White what is and what it strives to be. "We are also an artist collective," Thomas said. "We're inviting our talented friends and new cohorts to bring in their wares, whether it be jewelry, other accessories, or other natural programs like aromatherapy. We cater not only to the bridal market but also to the everyday accessories you'd like to wear."

LuLu White is now open on Sixth Street near its corner at Philadelphia Street, a part of Mainstrasse Village recently re-branded "Hamelin's Square" by the owners of Piper's, a new cafe that pays homage to a signature piece of the city's architectural landscape: the Carroll Chimes Bell Tower across the street in Goebel Park.

While LuLu White is new to the neighborhood, the name was used previously when Weisenberger had a dressmaking shop in Louisville. "I like the name so I convinced her to use it for our shop," said Thomas, who also previously had her own accessories business.

The ladies first met while both were working at Chez Nora in the Village and have long enjoyed the neighborhood. "What I hope comes of this is that we more artist involvement and it really becomes a focal point for Mainstrasse to see locally-made jewelry and clothing items from talented people," Thomas said.

The pair also plan to have monthly nighttime activities on Fridays. 

Facebook: LuLu White



Scott Baker Design

Graphic designer Scott Baker has had his own shop for around ten years, operating previously in Deer Park, Ohio and more recently in Erlanger at the corner of Commonwealth Avenue and Dixie Highway. "Where I was in Erlanger was just really residential and I was looking to get a little more community businesses around me so that I could attract those clients," Baker said, adding that his goal was to get away from being a "print shop on the corner" and to being a "service planning firm".

That led Baker to his new location, on the second floor of a Main Street building that is also home to Groove, a coffeehouse.

Baker's firm offers graphic design for printed materials, logo design for a newer look or different feel, and "if you are starting a business we can supply witha logo, letterhead, and business cards. We also offer web page design with an in-house web master to help with the design and function of your site," Baker's website reads.

"Basically, we have the ability to not only give you an identity system but also the ability to implement it," said Baker, a graduate of Northern Kentucky University.


While his new location places the firm above a coffeehouse, that's not the obvious convenience one would think. Baker doesn't drink coffee. However, the firm and Groove will be working together soon in launching a joint endeavor in offering meeting space in the building. "We're going to start having a conference room for rent, if people need a conference room for an hour or two hours," he said, "and we'll have catered coffee and donuts from downstairs." Baker said plans for that will move forward in a couple weeks with the goal of helping both businesses.
Website: Baker Designs
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Written by Michael Monks, editor and publisher of The River City News
Photo: Goose Girl Fountain in Mainstrasse Village/via Mainstrasse Village Facebook