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Photos: Nineteenth Century Covington Mansion Demolished

A Building that stood at the corner of Twelfth Street and Madison Avenue for more than 130 years was reduced to a pile of rubble in less than three hours Monday.

The so-called Bishop's Mansion, owned for most of its existence by the Diocese of Covington, was razed to make way for a new Walgreens.

For months, debate raged over whether the property should or could be saved but the Covington City Commission ultimately gave the go-ahead to the store's developers (Covington-based Anchor Properties).

The developers worked closely with preservationists and the city's urban design review board to reach an agreeable design for the new Walgreens.

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See photos from the demolition below (all pictures by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News):

 photo IMG_20130220_152252_zps666d9f80.jpg  photo IMG_20130225_133357_zps6df57b62.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_133427_zps2a52303d.jpg  photo IMG_20130225_133818_zpseca06cde.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_134153_zps76c5399c.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_134852_zps5cd7c70f.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_134756_zps34e33a98.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_134852-1_zpsff90879e.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_135031_zps83370871.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_135225_zpsf0e4f4aa.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_135148_zpsd371e362.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_135256_zps7a316762.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_135510_zpse4ed24c3.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140308_zpsf27193bc.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140353_zps955ae979.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140411_zps9a2da2f7.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140437_zps06a6429e.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140504_zpsa4f4b655.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140533_zps00f474d8.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140533-1_zps50159fa7.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140547_zpsca30585f.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140617_zpsfd763bb2.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140645_zps7ce27f95.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140756_zpsd0818664.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140807_zps16058de4.jpeg  photo IMG_20130225_140937_zps36b3f298.jpg  photo IMG_20130225_140937_zps36b3f298.jpg  photo IMG_20130225_141259-1_zps0a9e81a5.jpg  photo IMG_20130225_141013_zps37d24980.jpg  photo IMG_20130225_141348-1_zpsdf958fca.jpg  photo IMG_20130225_141405_zps84a25986.jpg  photo IMG_20130225_153441_zps4e316bb8.jpg  photo IMG_20130225_153611_zps72182217.jpg  photo IMG_20130225_153752_zps34defe24.jpg  photo IMG_20130225_153729-1_zpsbb6dda94.jpg


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Leave it to Walgreens and the Catholic Church to conspire solely for monetary gain at the expense of community values and architectural legacy. Happily, I took my business away from Walgreens as soon as I found out how they were scamming me and Anthem for my meds. As for the Catholic Church, I figured out that con long before they were outed as a criminal sexual predator organization. I'm sure they will both continue to thrive, and what a sad commentary that is on all of us.