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Scam Targets Northern Kentucky Seniors

From Senior Services of Northern Kentucky:


A new insurance scam that has been widespread across the state is being reported in Northern Kentucky.

The scam is aimed at seniors who need supplemental health insurance, according to Angela S. Zeek of Legal Aid of the Bluegrass in Lexington. 

“A group calling themselves Senior Solutions Insurance (also going by Senior Care Insurance in other areas) is going door to door, and calling senior citizens to get them to buy this supplemental insurance.” said Zeek in an email to social service agencies across Kentucky.

“They are promising things such prescriptions being paid 100% and sending in a nurse to do an “evaluation” and asking for money up front. The phone number they are giving is not legitimate, and this insurance is obviously not covering all that they are promising!”

At Senior Services of Northern Kentucky, we have also received calls from concerned seniors reporting that door-to-door salespeople have been working the area claiming to be from organizations with names very similar to SSNK. The salespeople are offering insurance or other services.

Senior Services of Northern Kentucky is a non-profit service agency, and does not have salespeople going door-to-door to sell products to the elderly. Any seniors who believe they have been contacted by someone claiming to be from SSNK, should call the agency immediately at 859-491-0522 to report the incident. 

Phony insurance products are the No. 1 scam targeting the elderly, according to The National Council on Aging, a nonprofit service and advocacy organization for seniors, headquartered in Washington, DC.

Other common frauds that target seniors are:

  • Fake funeral arrangements and cemetery plots.
  • Counterfeit prescription drugs.
  • Internet fraud, usually involving promises of large sums of money transferred to the senior’s bank account (the con man then drains the senior’s accounts). 
  • Investment schemes, usually involving promises of huge, quick profits. 
  • Fraudulent reverse mortgage plans.
  • Fake lottery winnings.
  • Calls from strangers claiming to be family members, asking for money for emergencies. 

Anyone who suspects that an insurance or investment product might not be legitimate can contact the state Department of Financial Institutions (DFI), the Kentucky AARP, the state Department of Insurance, the Kentucky Attorney General’s Office, the United States Postal Inspection Service and the Better Business Bureau. These agencies provide information on avoiding fraud and protecting seniors and their finances.

Before investing, check with DFI, Kentucky’s state securities regulator, to verify if the investment is registered and if the seller is licensed. Call 800-223-2579 or visit the agency’s website.