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Photos: Once Doomed Historic Building is Remodeled by Lawyer

Attorney Christopher Jackson has completed the remodel of his new offices inside one of Covington's oldest buildings, one that was slated for demolition to make way for additional parking to serve a neighboring building.

The building at 121 East Fourth Street dates back to the 1840s and was the subject of multiple meetings of the city's urban design review board. The historic structure seemed all but lost until Jackson made a phone call while searching for a new place for his firm which he wanted to move from a space he had outgrown on Scott Boulevard.

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The building had been in disrepair for many years and would need a complete remodel inside and out, upside and down. It was full of mold and water leaks, was missing part of its roof, and while it housed a lawyer still, most of the occupants were rats.

Jackson and his contractors got to work with an effort to save as much of the historic character inside as possible and when that couldn't happen, the attorney created as many replicas as he could.

The bricks were tuck-pointed, the building was painted, new hardwood floors were laid down, and five new HVAC units were installed. Some of the historic features were obvious even when the building was in disrepair, including decorative fireplaces, crown molding, and, a surprise to Jackson, a very old floor in the new kitchen that was hidden underneath multiple layers of worn down flooring.

Jackson hired a guy to come in and clean each tile individually and now the floor shines as bright as it must have a century ago.

Where the wood paneling was missing, Jackson had near-matches created. He also went so far as to have historic-like spindles placed on the railings of his new deck on the back of the building.

Being so close to the wrecking ball, 121 East Fourth Street now has new life and seven employees working throughout it with spacious offices, two conference rooms, two kitchens, several bathrooms (two of which feature antique dressers that Jackson salvaged and restored), and a full gym in the basement.

"We're very happy," Jackson said. "It was a lot of work but well worth it and we're ready to get back to work. We're happy to have such a historic place and we did our best to keep the historic features."

Written by Michael Monks, editor & publisher of The River City News



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