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After 25 Years, Author Returns to NKU With Mystery Series Set On Campus

Mike Due had no idea when he graduated from Northern Kentucky University in 1987 that he’d return 25 years later with pharmaceutically induced out-of-body experiences, international controversy and a global war on religion. But as Due was exploring settings for his new novel series Immaterial he says he couldn’t think of a better place than the campus he knew so well.

Or so he thought. Due returned to Highland Heights to find the university had changed dramatically. “On a cold afternoon, I walked around the campus and was simply amazed at how much it had changed,” Due said. Wanting to stay true to his own college experience and remain relevant to today’s NKU, he decided to create a parallel campus. “I’ve created an amalgam of the old and new campus into my storyline,” he said, “and invented places that are purely fiction as well. But for the most part, students and alumni will find plenty of references to locations with which they are familiar.”

Immaterial is the story of a fictional NKU student and his two friends who find themselves in the center of a controversy involving his father’s work as a pharmaceutical chemist. When his father’s research discovers a drug interaction that can cause out-of-body experiences, some view this as proof that the phenomenon is not mere hallucination, but in fact a spiritual reality.
A cover-up is born as the international pharmaceutical company that manufactures one of the drugs involved seeks to protect its billion-dollar investment. It fears the Federal Drug Administration could declare its product a controlled substance.
In parallel, an ambitious atheist begins a campaign to eradicate religion, globally, within the next 100 years. When he hears of this new drug interaction which could have faith-affirming results, he determines to partner with the pharmaceutical company to silence news of the medical breakthrough.
The story is told in three separate novels, each with an individual release in 2013. The first one is Discovery and is available now on Amazon and soon at Barnes and Noble. Due plans a number of book signings throughout the year.

From Northern Kentucky University via KY Forward

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