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Car Thief & Drunk Driver Who Struck Officer Among Covington Convictions

Each week The River City News talks with Kenton County Commonwealth's Attorney Rob Sanders about his weekly e-newsletter that highlights who was sent to prison or got probation in the previous week. At the bottom of this post you can find a link to that newsletter. Here are this week's questions and answers:

RCN: Mark Ball and Daniel Ball both face ten years in prison for criminal mischief and for being persistent felony offenders. What type of mischief could send this pair away for so long?

SANDERS: On July 14, 2012, a resident of Golden Tower's Apartments called Covington Police because they could see two men on the roof of Donna Sawyer's Fabulous Furs ripping copper out of the HVAC units. Police called in Covington Fire Department's ladder truck to give them access to the building's roof. Three officers climbed the roof while a half dozen or so more surrounded the building. Officer Kyle Warner had responded to the 911 caller's apartment so he could see the copper thieves and guide the other officers to their location via radio. The Fabulous Furs warehouse is rather large and the roof has several different levels so the theives weren't immediately visible to the officers climbing the ladder. Officers Jim Miskanin, Scott Dames, and Greg Rodgers found brothers Daniel and Mark Ball still tearing up one of several HVAC units they destroyed that night. The Balls ignored officers' directives to surrender and took off running across the rooftop in the dark. Eventually the brothers tried to jump from the roof to a tree like you'd see in the movies but both fell all the way to the ground where they were immediately arrested by all the other officers. After being treated at the hospital for cuts and broken bones, the two taken to jail, charged with 1st Degree Criminal Mischief, Fleeing Police, and misdemeanor theft.  Police found a back pack full of metal cutting tools and lots of loose copper where they spotted the two. As is usually case with copper theives, they got only a few bucks worth of copper but did thousands of dollars in damage to the property.

Despite being only 23-years old, Mark Ball has a lengthy prior record including felony convictions for Theft by Deception, Receiving Stolen Property, and 3rd Degree Burglary. Daniel Ball is 27 years old and also has a significant criminal history including felony convictions for Receiving Stolen Property and 2nd Degree Robbery. Each pled guilty to 1st Degree Criminal Mischief and 1st Degree Persistent Felony Offender. They each face 10 years at final sentencing on April 8, 2013 before Kenton Circuit Judge Greg Bartlett. Between the plague that copper thefts have become, the danger they put the responding officers in while chasing them across rooftops, and their criminal records, the Ball brothers have earned every day of that decade in prison.
RCN: Could be five years in prison for Kent Jackson after a DUI and second degree assault combo. What's Jackson's story?
SANDERS: On the night of November 25, 2012, Erlanger Police Sgt. Mike Leming was conducting a traffic stop on Turkeyfoot Road.  Kent Jackson apparently didn't notice Leming's marked police car despite all of the emergency lights flashing, at night. Jackson crashed his car into the rear of Leming's cruiser causing heavy damage to both vehicles and injuring Leming. Shortly after the wreck, a blood test at the hospital showed Jackson's BAC was .197. The legal limit is .08. Leming suffered neck and back injuries. He's only recently returned to work and still has not been cleared for all police activities. Jackson, who has no prior record, pled guilty to 2nd Degree Assault and aggravated DUI with a recommended 5 year prison sentence. He'll also face all the fines and a drivers license suspension when he's sentenced by Kenton Circuit Judge Greg Bartlett on April 8, 2013.
RCN: Ashley Logsdon pled guilty to second degree robbery and theft of more than $500. She faces ten years in prison at sentencing. What did she do?
SANDERS: Logsdon and a co-defendant tried to steal a woman's car at UDF on KY17 in Ft. Wright but the victim ran out of the store and jumped on the hood of her car. The co-defendant drove off with the victim clinging to the hood and Logsdon was in the passenger seat.  Somewhere near Walt's Hitching Post, the car stopped and Logsdon got out and attacked the victim, pulling her off the car. As the two woman fought, the co-defendant began driving again and struck the victim, causing injury. Logsdon then jumped back in the car and the two sped off.
A short time later, Logsdon and her co-defendant ditched the stolen car, then went to Mid City Auto Sales on Madison Pike in Covington where they pretended to be in the market for a car. Turns out they were, in fact, in the market for a car, but they had no intention of paying for it. When an employee gave them keys to a 2002 Saturn so they could look at the interior, the two stole their second car of the day. Unfortunately for the car thieves, the car lot equips their cars with GPS which tracked their every move. Logsdon and her co-defendant were arrested by Cincinnati Police a short time later after being stopped in the stolen Saturn.
I did not name the co-defendant because the case is still pending. Logsdon pled guilty to 2nd Degree Robbery for the car from UDF and Theft for the Mid City Auto car. The plea agreement calls for Logsdon to be sentenced to 10 years at final sentencing on April 8, 2013 before Kenton Circuit Judge Greg Bartlett. The co-defendant is presumed innocent until proven guilty.
See the full list and mugshots of those who were convicted of felonies in Kenton County Circuit Court in addition to a full explanation of the Cline case ​at the link: This Week in Kenton Co. Circuit Court
Photo: Ashley Logsdon/Kenton Co. Detention Center
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