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Destination: Graduation - Greggory Dickerson

This series highlights graduating seniors from Covington's Holmes High School and is written by staff members at Covington Independent Public Schools:

Greggory Dickerson wants to open a chain of arcades that is equipped with the latest technological gadgets. 

“I want people to be able to go to a safe place and have fun,’’ says Greggory, 18. “If people get bored they can come to the dome to get away and play.’’

The senior has already taken a major step into reaching his goal. He has been awarded a $20,000 scholarship to University of Kentucky, where he plans to major in business administration.

“I want to be famous for being one of the kids who graduated from Holmes and did something,’’ he said.

Greggory has attended Covington schools his entire educational career, starting at Sixth District Elementary School. One of the teachers who influenced him most is Karen Zaino, his English teacher who Greggory says always pushed him to do better.

“She always saw the good in me and never gave up on me,” he said.

Ms. Zaino uses words such as ambitious, kind, detail-oriented, and intelligent to describe Greggory. But what she likes most about him is his integrity. “There is no student more willing to help, more willing to learn, and more willing to fulfill his potential every moment he is alive,” she said. 

One of the ways Greggory has prepared for college and a career has been his participation in a program called PRIDE - Prepared Respectful Intelligent Determined and Educated. The program offers African-American male students role models and information to succeed in life.

To be successful in college, Greggory weighed his options carefully. “At first I wanted to go to NKU because it was close to home,’’ he said. “But I thought if I get away, I can probably do better. If I was close to home, I may not want to go back to college. If I go away, I have to learn to fend for myself. Grow up, become a big boy.’’

Greggory’s advice to freshmen – “Don’t waste the time you have because it will go by fast.’’ Greggory, who played football and participated in track and field, said one of the lessons he learned is that teachers at Holmes really care about him.

“Greggory has earned a reputation as a student, who never misses an assignment, never misses a day of school, and he will, in turn, become an adult who will never disappoint his colleagues, his bosses, his family, or his friends,’’ Ms. Zaino said. “He will be successful in every avenue of his life.”

Source: Covington Independent Public Schools

Photo: Greggory Dickerson/provided

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